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Newsprint Paper

Newsprint / Butcher’s Paper

Wrapall is a longstanding specialist in supplying food quality wrapping paper throughout Australia. Our newsprint wrapping paper (butchers’ paper) is converted from virgin prime grade rolls, ranging from 42 to 52gsm. Well cut, prime grade paper is an ideal means of wrapping small goods and other fresh foods. Our wrapping paper is able to absorb excess moisture, thereby maintaining food products in a dry environment. This ensures that food wrapped in our packaging remains in its best possible condition when the consumer finally arrives home and can store it in a refrigerator. Newsprint paper is both recyclable and degradable, therefore being far less harmful to the environment than other plastic and/or coated products.

Sheeted Newsprint is wrapped into individual bundles and supplied on a pallet. Bundles are wrapped in enviro-friendly exterior packaging that is fully recyclable and complies with directives from the National Packaging Covenant of Australia.

The sheeting process employs greaseless unwinding shafts and is packaged and handled in a hygienic environment, backed by our HACCP accreditation. With flexible and highly efficient in-house conversion processes, Wrapall Packaging can offer custom sizes to suite your needs with a promise of delivering on time, every time.

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