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Aluminium Foil

Aluminium Foil

Wrapall supplies a range of aluminium foil rolls that are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications and come in a variety of gauges. Aluminium foil thicker than 25 microns has been used as a form of food packaging since the turn of the 20th century because it is a barrier to light, oxygen, water, odours and germs; all of which are harmful to the taste and smell of food products.

This makes aluminium foil the perfect storage material for consumers at home and commercial food outlet businesses.

Wrapall Aluminium Foil is ideal for baking, barbequing, cooking, griller lining, wrapping hot foods and minimising mess! Our Aluminium Foil can also be used as a protective shield for poultry, meat or fish in the oven or even as a food parcel.

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